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Lowongan Pekerjaan Electrical Engineer & Drafter

ATW Solar

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Electrical Engineer
Job Description

  1. Conduct site survey and assessment to determine project needs and define Solar Power Plant system's specification
  2. Define and review customer's RPF / Techinical requirement
  3. Compose Solar Power Plant System's BoM & BoQ
  4. Perform quality and performance analysis in Solar Power Plant system to ensure system's safety and performance
  5. Create engineering design and installation guidelines, to ensure Solar Power Plan installation and operation quality
  6. Improve design and working method to enhance efficiency, leadtime, and cost-saving


  • Have a minimum Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering or related field
  • Have a deep understanding in electric power technics (three phase LV, MV, distribution system, protection system, etc.)
  • Experience in using PV Simulation Software (Helioscope, PVSyst, Homer), ETAP, AutoCAD
  • Have basic understanding of engineering principal, especially in electrical principal (IEC, PUIL/SNI, etc)
  • Strong critical thinking and problem solving

Job Description

  1. Conduct site survey and assessment to develop project's drawing
  2. Create Pre-Eliminary Design, Shop Drawing As Built Drawing, and 3D Drawing to fulfill project needs
  3. Support Engineer in composing BoQ and BoM
  4. Ensure proper documentation for all realized and revised drawings


  • Have a Diploma / Bachelor's degree in architecture / Engineering or related field
  • Excellent in using AutoCAD, SketchUp, Solidwork
  • Have a deep understanding in electrical and civil drawing
  • Attention to detail and high level of accuracy

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Job Functions: 
Jakarta Selatan, Kebayoran Baru, DKI Jakarta, ID