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The establishment of PT Niramas Utama in 1990, was started when several young enterpreuners from indonesia accepted the challanges from japanese and taiwaneese bussines enterprises to supply coconut gel (nata de coco) as both countries were in the midle of enermous demands of healthy foods and beverages. Serving coconut based foods and drinks as very much recommended to stay healthy.

Established in 1990, PT Niramas Utama has been manufacturing proucts under its brand, INACO. PT. Niramas Utama produces a wide range of high quality coconut based products, from nata de coco, jelly, nata drinks and so forth.  PT Niramas Utama also produces one of the future superfood, Aloe VEra and Palm Seed. Apart from incalculating a GMP implementation system in its processes, PT Niramas Utama is also connected in community and social interests. We empower locals, farmers and its surrounding, by creating a synergy for both the company and its stakeholders through continuous education, CSR activities, absorping local resources and more.

INACO’s initial entry into the nata de coco market was through its export networking, supplying its products to Japan and Taiwan. It is never an easy task knowing that Philippines as the market leader producer of Nata de Coco has already established networks all over the nation. With its high quality product, commitment and perseverance, INACO has managed to meet the world’s highest standard to become a success story in the global market. In the early 90’s INACO managed to break into Australia, Canada, Malaysia, UAE, Singapore and USA markets. With its long and well-proven experience in the global market, INACO entered the Indonesian market in 1996 and has consistently sustained its position as a market leader in the healthy food category.

PT Niramas Utama is proud of its accolades both locally and globally, such as Best Product during ASEAN Food Conference 2003, Indonesia Best Brand GOLD BADGE by SWA Magazine, Top Brand Awards from Marketing Magazine in 2012 to 2016, OCI (Outstanding Corporate Innovation) 2016.INACO is now a brand trusted by Indonesian people, and those all over the world.

PT Niramas Utama is committed to produce a variety of healthy foods & beverages. PT Niramas is known as the pioneer of manufactured NATA DE COCO using industrial standard processing and has a complete range of Nata de coco based products.  PT Niramas is continually pursuing the innovation and promotion of healthy products, in the categories of Desserts,  such as jelly, pudding, beverages, aloe vera, etc

PT Niramas Utama differentiates itself from the market through its quality ingredients, hygienic process and its innovative products to provide healthy desserts for everyone. INACO only use coconut milk as a media to produce NATA DE COCO instead of coconut water. This formulation allows PT Niramas to avoid the usage of any additive or substance during its process. In addition, 100% high quality cane sugar is used, no artificial sweetener is used. We also implement pasteurization process in the final line of process to its strict standard hygiene. These processes allow us to deliver the highest quality product to our customer.

Vision & Mission
PT Niramas Utama’s vision is to become the largest producer of the highest quality and healthiest product in the food and beverage industry. PT Niramas Utama also aim to become the market leader in healthy food product.

Our Mission is to focus on the main business of producing high quality and reliable product. We use the high quality Materials and advanced technology.

Lokasi: Jl. Raya Bekasi Tambun Km 39,5 Bekasi 17510, Indonesia