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Profil Perusahaan / Lembaga: PT Wiharta Karya Agung
Deskripsi Perusahaan / Kelembagaan:

PT Wiharta Karya Agung merupakan perusahaan manufaktur kemasan plastik yang berdiri pada Tahun 1973, dengan Kantor Pusat di Jakarta dan Factory di Kebomas, Gresik

Wiharta Karya Agung PT (Private Limited Company) an ISO 9002 certified Company, was established in 1973. During the early 1970's Indonesia saw rapid economic growth.

The manufacturing facility of the Company, is located in Gresik-East Java, over an area of 100.00 Sq.M. It has excellent infrastructure facilities for uninterrupted production.

In 1995 PT. Wiharta Karya Agung entered into strategic alliances with Hagihara Industries Inc. and Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation to form a joint venture Company called PT. Hagihara Wiharta Indonesia which produces and markets carpet backing cloth and other woven Polyolefin products.

PT. Wiharta Karya Agung also has a subsidiary company located at Cikarang / Bekasi called PT. Langgeng Krida Perkasa, this company produces Polypropylene Multi Filament Yarns.

PT. Wiharta Karya Agung is the first PMDN Company, (100% domestic investment company) in the woven plastics packaging industry to be awarded and accreditated with ISO 9002 quality certification.

The annual output is about 10,000 ton with various line products such as :

  • Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container (FIBC) / Jumbo Bags.    
  • Polypropylene Woven Bag (WPP) and Woven Cloth.    
  • HDPE Raschel Bag / Woven Cloth.    
  • Polypropylene Multifilamen Yarn (PPMF)
Lokasi: Jl. Jayakarta No. 46 AA Jakarta 10730