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PT. TOKAI RIKA INDONESIA was established in May 2011 and started its production in October 2011 and start shipping in November 2011.TOKAI RIKA established its first subsidiary for the ASEAN area in Thailand in 1994. Since then TOKAI RIKA have steadily expanded their business and PT. TOKAI RIKA INDONESIA become the fifth subsidiary in the ASEAN area.The purpose of establishing the new company in Indonesia is to support the needs of our customers actively and quickly, where expansion of the car market is expected. We are aiming to establish a firm business foundation.

Tokai Rika Co., Ltd. is driven to innovate "Human Interface"​ technologies, which help cars communicate better with people. Our goal is for the car to feel like an extension of human sensations and impulses, enhancing the rapport between car and driver. These "Human Interface"​ technologies enable us to produce automobile control systems and components that accurately relay human commands, as well as security devices that prevent unauthorized entry and safety systems that protect human lives. We are proud to have taken part in building a rich car culture, and we continue to supply innovative systems with state-of-the-art technologies in the 21st century. Giving concrete shape to moving experiences - that is Tokai Rika´s mission.

Turn the delight into reality between people and their vehicle.
Our technology is constantly evolving to build more comfortable communication between people and their vehicles.

Lokasi: Kawasan Industri MM2100, Jl. Selayar III No.9, Cikedokan, Kec. Cikarang Bar., Kabupaten Bekasi, Jawa Barat 17530